Industrial Ecology and Eco-Industrial Park: Models and Statistics with Implications to a Central Province in Vietnam

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Phan Minh Duc, Nguyen Thi Tuoi, Chu Manh Hung, Tran Manh Tuyen, Dao Anh Quan, Vu Viet Phuong, Duong Ngoc Anh


Science and technology are witnessing remarkable progresses day by day. This is also the foundation of new production tools, which are capable of being more responsible for the environment, society and people's lives. Therefore, eco-industrial parks have been established all over in order to apply high technology to production and business without affecting the sustainability of the economy and the development of industry. In the world, the theory of Industrial Ecology as well as Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs) has been researched and published by many authors with the important point is to measure the ecology in industry to find solutions for the development of the model. For Vietnam, Quang Ngai is becoming a bright spot for investment in high technology and Industrial Ecology, as well as the construction of EIPs. With qualitative research to clarify theoretical models of EIPs, the authors analyzed and identified the possibilities of developing EIPs according to the province's orientations and wishes. The thesis can conclude that this model being analyzed is indispensable for industrial development with specific central provinces such as Quang Ngai.

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