Detection of MRI Medical MRI Images of Brain Tumors Using Deep Learning & Secure the Transfer of Medical Images Using Blockchain

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Dr. T. Prabhakara Rao, Dr. M. Nagabhushana Rao, Dr. U. Arul, Dr. J. Balajee, Dr. Siva Shankar S., Syed Hamid Hasan


High-level developments in the medical services field have just ushered in a new era of enormous EHR. The EHR framework offers data owners get control over their data and allows them to share it with those who have been granted authorization. Information security and symptomatic cycles are challenging to ensure because of the massive volume of data in the healthcare system. Also, with the help of those images, accurate diagnosis of diseases like brain tumors is a quintessential task for medical specialists as well. So, this paper brings an effective Blockchain-based deep learning model to secure the network of transfer and also accurately diagnose brain tumors with an effective deep learning model. The following are the main stages involved: a) Secure data sharing network via Blockchain b) creating smart contracts for better trust between the organization and finally use that dataset to effectively c) classify the brain tumor in a much more effective way. Experiments show that the suggested model outperforms other current models on a variety of metrics.

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