Smart Health Monitoring System of Patient Through Internet of Things

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S. Chitra, Dr. V. Jayalakshmi


Information interchange, machine-to-machine connection, and data transfer are all made possible by the Internet of Things in healthcare. Real-time health monitoring using health care bands allows us to keep track of our health and receive notifications in the event of an emergency. Identity of physical activity, vitals, and fitness measures is possible with smart healthcare bracelets. One solution is to use IoT to monitor the patient's health and present data to doctors or medically trained workers, as it is difficult to check the patient for 24hrs. So, using non-invasive sensors, such as pulse, respirations, body temperature, body position, it is possible to detect things like glucose levels, ECG, and so on. These sensors are connected to an Arduino board, that receives data from the sensors, including biological data, and sends it to a server. Here, the "Thingspeak" called new cloud is used to store the observed data on the server. The information from this server may be seen by experts and other paramedical workers using the Thingspeak android app. As a result, using this Digital health monitoring system reduces the time and expense of assistance by reducing the effort of experts.

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