Protecting Information Using Ai And Blockchain

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Ananda R. Kumar Mukkala, Komma Reddy Sreeja, P. Keerthi Reddy, Bollampally Shriya Reddy, Mohammed Azhan Ahmed


Data is the input for various artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to mine valuable features, yet data in Internet is scattered everywhere and controlled by different stakeholders who cannot believe in each other, and usage of the data in complex cyberspace is difficult to authorize or to validate. As a result, it is very difficult to enable data sharing in cyberspace for the real big data, as well as a real powerful AI. In this paper, we propose the SecNet, an architecture that can enable secure data storing, computing, and sharing in the large-scale Internet environment, aiming at a more secure cyberspace with real big data and thus enhanced AI with plenty of data source, by integrating three key components: 1) blockchain-based data sharing with ownership guarantee, which enables trusted data sharing in the large-scale environment to form real big data; 2) AI-based secure computing platform to produce more intelligent security rules, which helps to construct a more trusted cyberspace; 3) trusted value-exchange mechanism for purchasing security service, providing a way for participants to gain economic rewards when giving out their data or service, which promotes the data sharing and thus achieves better performance of AI. Moreover, we discuss the typical use scenario of SecNet as well as its potentially alternative way to deploy, as well as analyze its effectiveness from the aspect of network security and economic revenue.

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