Smart Online Examination Monitoring System

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K. K. Baseer, M. Jahir Pasha, A. V. Rama Krishna Reddy, Kamarthi Rekha, M. Shaheda Begum, Sandhya E.


Background: Technology has been integrated into our everyday lives and it has become the most prominent part of our daily activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the technology most prominent in daily life like grocery shopping, and health consultations and it also made the schools and colleges encourage online learning. Over the past years, online learning has gained a lot of popularity. But the verification and monitoring of the students have always been the important challenges in online examinations. Furthermore, it has to be ensured that the students have completed all the activities without any inappropriate behavior.

Objectives: Online Learning/Examinations have gained a great demand due to the everyday circumstances we have been facing. But the credibility of the exams has not been guaranteed due to lack of authentication and other reasons.

Methods: To overcome these issues, there is a specific solution based on an automatic proctoring system. This solution consists of the features that help to resolve the primary concerns at hand. The system allows the student to log in and authenticate him/her with the image verification during the examination. It allows the student to take the exam, check the results, and report the problems if any occurred. The main features of the system are the maintenance of logs of window events whenever the user changes tabs or opens a new tab, detection of more than one person in the exam, prevention of the cut, copy, paste, and so on.

Conclusions: The main aim of the system is to offer an authentication identity service for students through continuous monitoring. To avoid the fluctuations, due to the changes in the postures of the student, more models can be introduced as future work.

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