Secured Data Transmission in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

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Mr. P. Daniel Sundarraj, Dr. K. Arulanandam


New techniques for user authentication are offered, including secure cryptography and undetectable digital watermarking. Secure cryptography enables the encoding of secure information in such a way that sight reading is required to decode it. Secure cryptography and watermarking provide secure authentication for user access for identity-based identification. To provide secure authentication, secure cryptography and watermarking methods are frequently used. These algorithms incorporate images of the iris, the finger, and the face. User verification and authentication methods are insufficient for frequent verification. Keystroke and mouse dynamics, which are common PC behavioral biometrics, are worthless for user authentication. Existing facial, iris, and fingerprint authentication methods are not practical for use in the real world due to their poor accuracy. The False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) are two design techniques that the support vector machine (SVM), which has a high accuracy, utilizes, can be used to solve this issue (FRR). The security of currently utilized methods, such as finger print, iris image, and face recognition over Noisy Images, is improved by using an effective picture segmentation technique, such as Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT), Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), and Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). Accurate FAR Extraction Ratio of Coefficient (ROC) Curves are produced using the MASEK and Ma findings.The Binomial Distribution vector space is utilized for FAR and FRR. Distribution Reliability is calculated using Ma and MASEK in 128 bit blocks. For picture segmentation in the 128 bit block, DCT, DWT, and DFT algorithms are used. A robust watermarking technique and safe cryptography are used to provide security that can stop the image from being hacked as well as twisted since the input image's uniqueness causes distortion. According to the Mat Lab framework for Experimental results, the recommended watermarking technique has good security, watermarking life, user authentication delay, and perceptual invisibility. For various finger print, iris, and face performances, it can also successfully detect and localize the tampered zone. The experimental result reveals the minimum and maximum FAR and FRR rates forsecure cryptography security management control.

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