Predictive Analytics Precision Farming Using Internet Of Things (IoT)

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Agnes R, Jandro Daniel D, Abhinavsan E, Chamundeeswari V


As agricultural sector plays a vital role in our country and acts as a backbone, new technology implementation in this sector will improve the agricultural sector as well the health and economy of a nation. In this regard, this work describes the use of various wireless sensors to monitor and data is collected from the field of agriculture and enhance its growth through its proper implementation. Initial stage of this system can be start from the collected data. This project demonstrates the use of a wireless sensor network to collect data on various sensors installed in various locations in an agricultural field and transmitted via a wireless protocol. The collected data provides information on a variety of environmental factors. The project's goal is to create an IOT-based super-intend prototype model. Using a moisture sensor, it delivers timely information such as water requirements. Image processing can be used to alert farmers of pest attacks. PIR is used to monitor and prevent animal invasion in the field. In agriculture, water is the most important resource. Concerns have been expressed about low-purity water. This has a negative impact on the soil and plant.  Farmers suffer enormous losses as a result of it. As a result, this study proposed a project in which sensors would be used to detect and predict moisture and pH levels. The alarm system is activated when the sensor is triggered, and the registered user is notified via email and SMS. In this study, the details of building a gadget capable of exhibiting water readings and conversing with the registered user are described. A monthly report will also be generated, and the user would be informed by email and SMS.

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