Study on behaviour of beam column joint under cyclic load

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M.Vadivel, J.Brema


The results of cyclic loading on beam column (BC) joints employing PP+Steel fibre with variable volume fraction are compared to the results of standard T beam joints. The test examined the performance of the hysteresis load versus defection curve, displacement ductility, and energy absorption properties. Three external beam-column junctions were studied and results were collated with traditional concrete specimen.From the experimental outcomes, the conventional concrete and (PP1/2+Steel1/2)2.0 runs for four cycle and have the energy absorption of 514.06 kN-mm and 569.72 kN-mm. Also the maximum performance released by (PP3/4+Steel1/4)2.0 specimen runs for fifth cycle and absorbs the energy of 764.18 kN-mm.

Keywords: Beam column joint, T beam, cyclic load, hysteresis load versus defection curve, displacement ductility and energy absorption.

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