A Comparative study of sleep efficiency among construction labour through application method and Fit-bit method

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Sathvik. S, Krishnaraj. L


The sleep disturbances of laborers at work lead to acute anxiety and stress stemming from the construction workplace. The sleep deprivation study was conducted on construction laborers in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The paper represents sleep immunity and sleep scores, which track productivity at the construction site. The outcome shows the interconnection between sleep patterns and labour productivity, relating to the concentration level and performance at work. There was a comparative study performed on the calculation of the sleep cycle between the application method and the fit-bit method. The decision-making structure has been interpreted as being sleep-related work, which is related to laborers and may result from an effective decision to withhold the work done by laborers. The productivity of labour in the construction industry has been decreased by up to 12% due to a lack of insufficient sleep. The sleep cycle summarizes the practical implementation of the productivity of labour in the construction industry, which has been decreasing gradually due to a lack of sleep.

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