A Survey on Privacy Preserving Data Mining its Related Applications in Health Care Domain

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S.mJoseph Gabriel, Dr. P. Sengottuvelan



Data Mining is a technical process which involves the conversion of a raw data into a useful data. There is generally certain sequence of steps involved in obtaining a useful information. One of the important usages of the data mining technique is to identify certain useful patterns that can be utilized to solve certain real-world problems. Utility mining is a domain of data mining which is mainly used to identify the high utility based item sets which are considered based on certain parameters like quantity, cost, profit, affordability and certain preferences of the users. Utility mining impacts various domains like online commerce industry, medical domains, biomedical applications, finance, marketing and its allied domains. In this survey we discuss about the general structure in the pattern mining and various algorithms being applied to the privacy preservation like the randomization, k-anonymity and certain other hybrid techniques that is applied to the health care domain for preserving the privacy even though when the data is stored in the cloud and we consider various real-world problems and discuss about the open challenges in this research domain.

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