Effect of Series Resistance Simulation on Chalcogenide Solar Cells Using One-Dimensional AFORS-HET Program

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Rafea A. Munef, Ziyad J. Yaseen


In this work, the effect of chain resistance on the performance of the CZTS/CdS/i-ZnO/ITO solar cell has been examined by a one-dimensional program where the chainresistance is changed from (0-8) Ω.cm2. The above cell arrangement shows the possibility to achieve an efficiency of 9.28%,with a thickness of 5 µm asthis result is consistent with the experimental research. Yet, the efficiency was 6.19% and increased to 8.90%. After optimization, by the change of theabsorbent layer thickness and replacing the absorbent layer with other layers such as (CIGS, CNTS, CdTe) under the same conditions as the original absorbent layer (CZTS). The best obtained layer is the (CIGS) layer (Eff- 8.43%, FF- 43.8%, Jsc - 33.1 mA/cm2 and Voc – 582 mV)onthe solar cell optimization.

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