Implementation Of Query-Based Flipped Classes For Active And Adaptive Learning In Online

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Grace Inbavathi. M, Dr. Ananthi Sheshasaayee


The main aim of this study is to demonstrate a regular and adaptive online by exploring important factors for online student success. To produce a higher quality of learning the Flipped Classes (FC) were implemented which are more effective to interact with the students. The paper proposes a Query-Based Flipped Classes (QFC), where a set of questions related to the content are pre-prepared. Here, set of students are divided and questions are circulated among the students during the on-going online session for every 15 minutes. This theory increases the learning skills of students making the student more responsible towards the teachers and their progress in studies. Also, the theory helps the teachers in checking the attentiveness and regularization of each student by evaluating their answers for the visualized queries at the end of the session. At end of the session students’ feedback about the query- based learning is collected to study the involvement in the new type of learning. A result analysis of students’ enhanced progress after the proposed theory implementation is noted and produced.

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