Methods and Tools for Building Network Security Management Centers in Information and Communication Networks

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Malika Bahadirovna Mirzaeva, Aziz Odiljono’g’li Muhamedaminov, Aziza Murat Qizi Qayumova


The purpose of the study is to increase the efficiency of functioning and interaction of information and control systems of regional situational centers. The objects of research are the architecture and implementation technologies of network-centric information and control systems of the situational centers of the region, focused on solving the problems of managing regional security, as well as the interoperability property of these systems. The problems and means of ensuring the interoperability of distributed information systems of situational centers at the technological, semantic and organizational levels of interaction are considered.Technological solutions are proposed to ensure the interoperability of components of network-centric systems for managing regional security, based on a service-oriented approach and the joint use of multi-agent technologies and semantic models of knowledge representation. This ensures the integration of system components into a single virtual network-centric environment and the unification of the presentation of shared information resources and services, which helps to improve the efficiency of regional security management based on a system of distributed situational centers.

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