Rationing the Cognitive Motivation Scale in Volleyball for Young Players Aged 17-19 Years

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Ayad Raad Hussain, Dr. Asmaa Hakmit Fadhil


            The purpose of this paper isto rationing the cognitive motivation scale on a sample of young volleyball players aged (17-19) years; the researchers used the descriptive approach using the survey method, because it fits the research problem. As for the research sample, scale forms were distributed to young players to know their cognitive motivation.The results of the scale that had been prepared were entered, the raw scores were entered into the (Spss) program and then standard scores and levels were determined to determine the degree and level of the players.The conclusions were reached, and the cognitive motivation scale, which was built for the first time by researchers on players, was reached. The researchers recommend that this scale should be used and applied to different players in order to identify the levels of cognitive motivation to enable them to reach the highest levels by knowing the levels of cognitive motivation among the teams.

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