Qualitative Research: Significance of Health Management Information System in Government Hospitals of Tamil Nadu, India

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M. Saravanapriya, Dr. T. Suganthalakshmi, Dr. S. K. Thirunavukkarasu


Tamil Nadu Health System Project (TNHSP) is long term strategic plan of the Government of Tamil Nadu, partnered with the World Bank, NRHM, and ICMR to develop a new Health Information System (HIS) in Tamil Nadu. It should be greatly reachable, impartial and valuable. Health Management Information System (HMIS) is a amalgamation of Information Technology and Healthcare management. The study is (i) to understand the impact and importance of Tamil Nadu Health System Project implemented in all Government Hospitals (GHs) of Coimbatore District and (ii) To understand the functioning of Hospital Management System (HMS) in all GHs. Coimbatore district is taken as sample among 32 districts in Tamil Nadu for the convenience of the researcher for collecting data from all Government Hospitals. The primary data are collected from nine Government Hospitals (Institutions) under Coimbatore district and consolidated reports are collected at the office of Joint Director of Health Services (JDHS), Coimbatore. The only secondary data are presented and explanations are based on tables provided by health workers and authorities. Hospital Management System (HMS) and Health Management Information System (HMIS) play a vital and essential role in modern healthcare. The accomplishment of an information system is in the hands of end users’ satisfaction and adequate training given to them.

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