Innovative Technologies of Mass Media Materials in Learning Foreign Languages and Cultures

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Tazhibaeva Gulsina Tokhtomatovna, Mamatilda kyzy Eliza, Karimova Zhyldyzkan Usonovna, Toktorova Damira Kamilovna, Askarova Anara Erkinovna, Mamatova Albina Nurlanbekovna, Tokto


The Article Discusses Modern Innovative Technologies of Mass Media such as an Electronic Library, Online Testing Project Methodology, The Use of New Information Technologies, Internet Resources Help to Implement a Student-Centered Approach in Teaching a Foreign Language For Self-Taught. In English Lessons With The Help of Innovative Technologies, it is Possible to Solve a Number of Didactic Tasks: to Form Reading Skills and Abilities Using the Materials of the Global Network; Improve the Writing Skills of Students; Replenish Students' Vocabulary; to Form Students' Motivation to Learn English on their own, to Broaden the Horizons of Students, to Establish and Maintain Business Connections and Contacts With Their Colleagues in English-Speaking Countries.

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