The Relationship of Intrapreneurship Practices In The Workplace And The Company’s Competitive Advantage

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Limuel P. Pavico, Lpt, Dba


The intrapreneurship practices of employees have become significant on the performance of the company in terms of competitive advantage. Intrapreneurship means doing the entrepreneurship of employees in the companies. The study employed a correlation method of analysis to determine the intrapreneurship practices of TSU BS-Entrepreneurship graduates and how these practices relate to the competitive advantage of companies. This study tapped one hundred twenty (120) graduates who are working in manufacturing companies in the province, comprising 60% of the whole population of graduates from the period 2012-2015 were asked to answer the instrument.

The results of the study indicate most of the intrapreneurship practices are applied at a moderate level. A significant correlation was noted between proactiveness as intrapreneurship practices to cost-competitive advantage. Moreover, innovativeness and opportunity recognition were registered to be significantly correlated with the competitive advantage in terms of differentiation and response respectively.

The study exhibits the crucial role for companies’ entrepreneurs and managers to embrace and nurture intrapreneurship that would keep the company abreast of the fast changes in market needs and achieve a competitive advantage of the business.

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