A Review on Smart Energy Meter Based on IOT

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Dr. R. Pavan Kumar Naidu, Shaik Naseer, Shaik Safiya shaheen, Sai Charan Penugonda, B Dhana Sai Pavan Kumar K


In recent years, electrical appliances are increased in a huge amount. Along with this, the consumption of electrical power has also increased. so that the demand for electrical power is also increased. As the decrease in electrical energy sources due to the high consumption of the individual appliances. it should be controlled in order to overcome the above problem. Here it can be measured, controlled, and tracked the power consumption of electrical power of individual appliances. An accurate power measurement can’t be achieved by using a conventional type of energy meter. As the customer cannot control and monitor the power consumption by each appliance. In the growth of the smart grid in the power system, efficient energy consumption plays a major role. By using the implementation and design of an Internet of Things (IoT) the above problems can be minimized. It is a cost-effective, minimalistic, efficient, and iot based energy meter. The smart energy meter will measure the individual unit power consumption of the appliances.  It also sends notifications when it reaches the maximum load. The energy meter is classified into 3 types. They are electro-mechanical meters, electronic meter, and smart energy meter

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