Comparative Design Analysis of Modified Solar Based 15 Level Multi Level Inverter for Power Quality Improvement

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Bipasa Patra, Pragya Nema


Enhanced quality of power and reduced distortions have entered the wider research domains for the rating of the power to be obtained using Multilevel Inverters. This also directs towards the lowered EM interference as and when the levels keep on increasing. As compared to the traditional module these configurations with a reduced switched count act as the conversion device of energy so as to offer less THD, with lowered losses due to switching and hence stress level on voltage to be reduced. This paper lays the comparison facts regarding the topological analysis of the solar source fed 15 level MLI with a modified modulation technique and reduced switches against the primitively modulated the traditional counterpart and lowered levels. The main aim here is to project the potential of renewable solar powered and the final THD Comparison of above model for modified PWM techniques thereby being cost effective as well as not compromising on the efficiency. The results demonstrate the Staircase waveforms which correspond to a nearly sinusoidal reference wave with the required switching sequence. The simulated design is developed using Mat lab to authenticate the performance of the found results in prevailing conditions.

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