A Review of Enhancement Traditional Wide Band Networks by Using Enhanced WIMAX Technology

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Dursun Ekmekci, Ali Huzber


The expansion of networks involved higher jump on the users utilizing the networks resources which may require extra higher bandwidth. Due to the development of technology especially those folded under the Internet of Things (IoT), the new demand of higher data rate has been witnesses among the users. In order to feed the demand of users with high data rate, broadband networks are required where high data rate can be ensured for each user. Broadband networks can be established using optical network that carries the data through wide broadband. Areas such as rural and forests sides which are witnessing plenty of natural obstacles such as mountains, trees, seas, etc. are forming big challenge for propagating a cable (wire) or optical network. Due to the limitations of the wire network, WiMAX technology has been introduced as substitutional for the broadband network. Such kind of alternative can be deployed through any geographical area without concerning on the wire paths. This review is presenting the most terminologies participating in the network backbone.

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