Language of Pandemic: An Impression of Filipino Character

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Lynn M. Besa, Niño P. Maliban, Jason A. Romero


Coronavirus disease-19 undoubtedly changed people's lives and even created a new-normal society restricted by different health protocols. This disease created both possibilities and challenges at the same time. Thus, even the people's language aimed at the pandemic. The communication subjects are mainly related to the virus in social media alone. The emergence of the language of pandemic led the researchers to uncover themes and meanings, language use and style, and characteristics of the netizens based on the language utilized in the online media platforms that will lead to the disclosure of Filipino characters. In the conduct of the study, qualitative content and rhetorical analyses were used to explore the study's objectives. The data are from netizens' social media posts during the height of severe community quarantine implementation in the Philippines. According to the findings, politics, political issues, social concerns, and current events appeared as themes during the pandemic. The languages used were formal, casual, and street manifested through direct statements, rhetorical and direct questions, quotations, and hashtags. Moreover, the Filipino character is shown based on the language utilized, such as critical, judgmental, disrespectful, entitled, self-righteous, reactive, observant, feeling-intellectual, opinionated, and comparing, which eventually unveiled the participants' identity during the time of the pandemic.

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