Crypto STEGO Techniques to Secure Data Storage Using DES, DCT, Blowfish and LSB Encryption Algorithms

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Vikas Singhal, Devendra Singh, S. K. Gupta


Evolving cloud has compelled people and organizations of every size – whether large or small to migrate data to public or private server for the reasons: scalability, agility, reliability, accessibility, cost saving. But along with the benefits, the risk to the safety of user data has also increased as it is always at a risk of data breach .Therefore, the Security and privacy of this data has become the most important foundation for a reliable server depository and a major challenge and key issue. We often ignore the safety of our data and completely rely on server service provider which is deficient .This paper proposes a crypto stegno technique using Blowfish and LSB (Least Significant Bit) algorithm for data encryption to secure sensitive data over the server from unauthorized access. Hence, preserving the privacy and securing the cloud stored sensitive data. The results are represented in the form of execution time, PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), MSE (Mean Square Error) and the histogram of main and covered image. The experimental results reveal that all the algorithms achieve appropriate quality of stego image. They can be used as cryptographic algorithms to encrypt a message before applying steganography algorithms.

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