Modern Transceiver Design with shift frequency operation for INI reduction

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Sivakumar S A, Senthil Ganesh R, Maruthi Shankar B, Kingsly Jabakumar A


Mixed Spectrum Sharing equipped with sub-carrier spacing plays a dominant role in decreasing the inter-numerology interference. Deriving the interference pattern is inevitable to identify the impact of variance in SCS. This drastically reduces the performance of decoding as a result of unbalanced sub-carriers. In order to avoid this scenario, we propose a advanced transceiver design equipped with shift frequency operations. The proposed design effectively reduces INI and improved results are obtained in case of decoding performance. Under this strategy, Secondary User (SU) frameworks get data about the range supply from a data set giving information about the Primary User (PU) activity in the geographic locale where the SU is at stake. Simulations are performed using MATLAB 14.

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