Satisfaction Of Passengers on The Amenities Provided By Southern Railways – A Comparative Study With Reference To Erode And Coimbatore Junction

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Dr. Dinesh kumar G R


Indian Railways is the major mode of transport in the country for passengers as well as freight due to its large network, number of trains and affordability. On the industry front, it is the only player hence, a monopoly has been created (which is legal). On the market front, the majorities of its passengers are illiterate, semi educated and low or middle income with no/low consciousness for quality aspects of service. Railways provide them with a convenient, accessible, and affordable mode of transportation. The monopoly structure has created a typical situation where the service provider (Indian Railways) has no competition and can afford to ignore aspects such as quality of service, passenger satisfaction, and product promotion. The railway is the lifeline of Indian economy and society, but it is far from healthy and satisfactory service offering. The focus of this study is to analyze the satisfaction of services provided by Erode and Coimbatore junctions. The passengers are dissatisfied with Coach/Toilets occupied by Unauthorized Passenger & Vendors, Cleanliness of Toilets/Coaches, Availability of Quality & Quantity of Food made , Clarity of Announcement at Stations, and Service quality  with both Coimbatore and Erode junction and these factors should be given more importance in future. One a whole when compared to Erode the service provided by Coimbatore junction is been good and Erode junction needs an improvement towards the service in near future for betterment of service.

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