Solving Assignment Problem in Fuzzy Environment by Using New Ranking Technique in Triangular Fuzzy Number

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K. Sakthivel, Gunasekar T, Thiravidarani J, S. Manikandan


The subject of assignment difficulties is fascinating, and students are always addressing engineering and management science challenges. To select the best answer, we suggested a novel ranking approach for triangular fuzzy numbers in this study. The right answer is fully determined by the ranking system.In anuncertaindecision-making situation, the ranking of fuzzy numbers is extremely vital to make a decision. This ranking approach is very dependable, simple to use, and applicable to all sorts of assignment problems. Our objective is to use a novel ranking algorithm to transform muddled data into clearer ones.The Fuzzy Hungarian Method is employed to attain the best solution forthe fuzzy assignment problem. The numerical examples demonstrate that the proposed ranking measure is straightforward to estimate, works effectively in computing optimal value.

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