Solving Assignment Problem In Fuzzy Environment By Using New Ranking Technique In Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number

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K. Sakthivel, Gunasekar T, Thiravidarani J, S. Manikandan


The subject of assignment issues is fascinating, and it is constantly used to solve difficulties in engineering and management science. We suggested a novel ranking approach in trapezoidal fuzzy numbers to get the best answer in this research. The ranking system is entirely responsible for the best answer. Value costs are characterized by trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. When making decisions under uncertain environment, ranking of fuzzy numbers is extremely significant. This rating approach is the most dependable, easy to use, and applicable to all sorts of assignment difficulties. Our objective is to use a novel ranking algorithm to convert fuzzy data into crisp values. In assignment problem, we use crisp values. Our objective is to use a novel ranking algorithm to transform fuzzy data into crisp values. In the assignment issue, we use crisp values. The Fuzzy Hungarian Method is then used to find the best solution to the fuzzy assignment problem. It is clear from the numerical examples that the suggested ranking measure is simple to calculate and cost-effective for a fuzzy assignment issue, and it delivers much higher optimum value.

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