Studies on Seasonal variations of rainfall in java island at Indonesia

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K. Aruna, Dr. M. V. Subramanian (RTD), Dr. B. Jaya sudha , Bharathidasan university


Rainfall is a key input in management of agriculture and irrigation projects and any change in this variable can influence on sustainable management of water resources, agriculture and ecosystems.  Rainfall extremes motive big socioeconomic effects in Indonesia, as they're frequently followed with the aid of using disastrous events, including floods and landslides. Of precise hobby is Java Island, the most populated vicinity in Indonesia, that's susceptible to destructive flooding due to heavy rainfall. This study sought to determine the spatial and temporal variability of rainfall under past and future climate scenarios. The changes of water movement and distribution are influenced by extreme rainfall and land cover conversions. The rainfall becomes more extreme than before. The trends and patterns of extreme rainfall on Java Island, Indonesia, we were studied from 2009 to 2021 the rainy season from November to May, with January and February being the wettest months. The dry season begins from June and ends in October and also find the earthquakes and eruption days, month rainfalls.

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