Skolem Difference Odd Geometric Mean Labeling of Path and Cycle Related Graphs

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L.Vennila, Dr.P.Vidhyarani


A function  f  is called a Skolem  Difference  Odd Geometric Mean labeling for the graph G(V,E) with p vertices and q edges, if it is possible to label the vertices xÎV with different labeling f(x) from 1,3,5…….2q+1 such that the induced map f*: E(G)®{1,3,5….2q-1} defined by    f*(e = uv) =           or               " uv ÎE(G) is bijection. The graph which admits the Skolem Difference Odd Geometric Mean labeling is called Skolem Difference odd Geometric Mean graph. In this paper we investigate Skolem Difference odd Geometric mean labeling of some path and cycle related graphs.

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