Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs in Coimbatore District

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Dr. R. Suraj Begum , Dr. A. Shajitha Banu, Dr. P. Saravanamoorthi


Liberated women are always considered to economically independent and contribute more for the societal development and for the nation’s welfare. Women’s engagement in any kind of economic activities not only support her in uplifting her economic standards, but it also provides an opportunities to a woman in rediscovering herself i.e., in understanding her skills, capabilities, ability to work and produce productive results, being innovative, being initiator any new plans, being a motivator for others and many more things to claim. In short, women participation in economic activities is closely related with their well-being and empowerment in an Indian society. Drawing relevance with the above discussion this chapter of the study draws a detailed introspective analysis and discussion on the women entrepreneur’s working in tiny and small hosiery garment making units in Coimbatore cluster and nature of empowerment realised by them.

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