Development of Tool Chip Interface Temperature Detection System for the Investigation of Temperature during Machining of Alloy Steel

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Dr. Sandeep M. Salodkar


Finite element methods based modeling and simulation of machining processes is continuously attracting researchers for better understanding the chip formation mechanisms. Heat generation in cutting zone, tool chip interfacial frictional characteristics and integrity on the machined surfaces. A chromel K-type thermocouple is used to measure the cutting temperature at tool chip interface during turning of En31 steel.  In this research work, a temperature measuring setup has been designed and fabricated, utilized the fabricated setup the generated temperature was measured during turning of En31 steel and reported the results in this article. Utilizing the investigated results two dimensional simulation model is developed for orthogonal metal cutting operations. The software ANSYSis used for the purpose. Thevarious temperature distribution plots have been drawn, effect of various cutting parameters on the generated temperature have been explained via different graphs. The developed tool chip interface temperature distribution model will help to predict the cutting temperature occurring during turning in an advance.

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