Milli meter Wave antenna for 5G Wireless Communication System

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Dr.M M Prasada Reddy, Dr.Pradeep K G M, Dr. Umesha G B, Dr. Sujatha S, Dr. Gundu Shirisha, Mrs. Jayalakshmi K


This paper proposes a Rectangular Micro strip Patch (RMPA) for future fifth generation (5G) wireless and mobile communication applications.Theantenna is constructed on FR-4 substarte having dimensions of 3.763 ×2.815× 0.02 mm3 .This antenna is designed and simulated in CST micro wave studio.Simulation results shows that the antenna is resonating at 24.09 GHz with a reflection coefficient (S11) -33.802 and VSWR is 1.04.Furthermore , this antenna is performing well interms of gain , directivity and band width.

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