Major Role on Complete Bipartite Coloring Graph in Anti Spread Corono Virus

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S. Sathish, A.Selvaraj


The author introduced new concept of this paper, how to protect from the Corona virus. Here fuzzy related concept act a main role in complete bipartite coloring fuzzy graph networking. Because the minute type of Germs also find out and express. Many of the Mall, Cinema Theater, School, College area having a some of the Corona patient. From this kind of patient, easily spread with others. In this situation the author draw a complete bipartite coloring fuzzy graph to solve this problem. If the graph is complete all the vertices are adjacent. So each vertices have n-1 edges. Now the author convert all the Edges are frequency lines and Vertices are convert into some different like scanner, thermometer, sanitizer. This is one of the good idea to protect from corona virus to spread others. And also give an brief explanation of this paper.

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