Effect of Unsteady Flow Past an Exponentially Accelerated Inclined Vertical Plate with Variable Temperature and Mass Diffusion Through Porous Medium

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R. Sivaprakasam, A. Selvaraj, S. Sithsabesan


In this paper analyse the magnetic hydrodynamic of the fluid flow past an exponentially accelerated inclined vertical plate with mass distribution with varying temperature and heat source through a porous medium. Apply more number of possible non-dimensional necessary conditions with limitation and starting conditions is workout mathematically. The plate temperature is extended inclined vertical plate alongside at time t and the focus level close to the plate. The dimensionless administering conditions in the current examination are tackled utilizing the inverse Laplace transform technique. The velocity outlines are graphically explained to different physical parameters heat Grashof value, mass Grashof value, Schmidt value and duration. It has been observed that the velocity increases with an increase in thermal grashof number Gr and also an expansion in time t of the plate but the velocity increments with an increase in permeability of the porous medium while decrease in the absence of  magnetic parameter.

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