Analysis of Groundwater Level Fluctuations and its Association with Rainfall Using Statistical Methods

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V Anantha Natarajan, V Tamizhazhagan, Naresh Tangudu, M Sunil Kumar


The state of Andhra Pradesh accounts for 5.3% of the nation's net groundwater irrigated area, with roughly half of all irrigation dependent on groundwater sources. With paddy making up about 70% of the state's total irrigated land, the state continues to be one of the top exporters of rice, but groundwater depletion poses serious problems to not only agricultural productivity and rural lifestyles, but also to the country's food security. In order to pinpoint the time when groundwater resources are being overused, the research investigates the relationship between groundwater level and rainfall using overly-simplistic assumptions about aggregate abstraction and groundwater recharge estimates. Inter-annual variations in groundwater level are closely related to inter-annual variations in rainfall and exploitation of groundwater resources for irrigation. To investigate the trends of changes in the groundwater level, trend analysis, regression analysis, and correlation analysis were carried out.

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