Is Cognitive and Literacy Interrelated - An Exploratory Study from Students' Perspective

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A.Govindarajan, P.Venkateswara Rao, Bayya Venkata Sai Vaishnavi, Precious Mulendema, V.Nancy Hadassah, Thummalapalli Rakesh


The objective of the study was to identify the important Cognitive and Literacy characteristics exhibited by the students perusing UG and PG courses. Further to investigate the relationship between Cognitive and Literacy. For the study, the researcher adopted a descriptive research design, wherein the data was collected from 416 students perusing Schools in the Chennai district. The researcher adopted a simple random sampling technique. Herein the data was collected using a structured questionnaire. From the analysis performed it was understood that an equal proportion of male and female respondents were considered for the study. For the study 217 UG students and 199 students were considered. It can be interpreted that Learning attitude, Re-Thinking and Information are the important Cognitive characteristics exhibited by the students. Also, it was found that Word reading ability, Spelling and Structuring are the important literary characteristics exhibited by the students. Through the study, it was found that there is a 72.1% positive relationship between Cognitive and literacy. Furthermore, it was identified that the Cognitive of the students influences their literacy

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