Quantitative Structure Property Relationship (Qspr) Analysis of General Randić Index

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Shigehalli V. S, Austin Merwin Dsouza


Topological indices are important tools for QSPR research. Randić index is one of the pioneers of topological indices as the most used topological index in view of chemical graph theory. It has been used for modelling physio-chemical properties of Octanes, Alkanes and other chemical molecules. In this paper, we have listed a few variants of general Randić index. Subsequently, the investigation of the prediction power of eight variants of general Randić index using some physio-chemical properties of Octane Isomers such as boiling point, density, entropy, acentric factor, etc. is carried out. We have also applied the sensitivity test on the eight variants. Finally, the most efficient index among the variants of general Randić index for the QSPR studies is identified

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