A Study of Blockchain Technology in Farmer’s Portal

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Dr. Anjaiah Adepu, Pedada Sirisha, Kashuvajjala Vikas, Thakur Vaishnavi Singh, Naresh Vajjala, M. Sriya Reddy


Blockchain is a method that uses a cryptocurrency to maintain a record of a deal's verification. The document is kept among multiple computers connected by a peer-to-peer network. Deals and agreements, as well as the records of them, define a country's financial system. They establish boundaries and keep the premises secure. This article emphasises the application of blockchain technology with farmer's portal that maintains the video of marketing and purchasing details of crops, taking into account the characteristics of blockchain such as immutability and also retaining the footage of transaction information. The blockchain system and Python programming language are combined in the suggested service to benefit farmers, suppliers, and the general public by upholding trade agreements. With the use of blockchain technology and the Python programming language, an interface for farmers is created that stores information on the seller, the buyer, the marketing and purchase of an item, as well as the total price agreed upon.

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