Music Recommendation System Based On Emotion Recognition

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Mrs. Kommineni Madhavi, Guda Pravalika, Rathlavath Jaya, Sandela Sharan Ganesh, Konda Gowtham


Face recognition technology already has been widely spread and grabbed the attention due to its wide range of  applications value and market potential. This technology has been in use in various sectors like security system, digital video-processing, and also many other technologies. Also, music is an art, which is well connected with the person’s emotion. It has got the ability to improve one’s mood. This paper will focus on establish a very efficient music recommendation system, which can determine the emotion of person using various techniques of face recognition. The algorithm that is used will be proven as the most expertise algorithm than other prevailing systems. Furthermore, on an enormous measurement, this algorithm will save the time and the laboratory procedures which are to be done manually. The purpose of this proposed system is to identify different emotions on face and it should suggest the songs in the most efficient manner. This system is helpful in saving both time and money.

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