Food Quality Auditing and Survillance System by Using Internet of Things

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Dr. A. Anjaiah, Yamsani Sowmya, Chaganti Kusumitha, Kushal Tirmale, Begari Aravind Kumar


Food plays a very important role in our day to day life. Due to rapid increase in globalization the quality of food is decreasing day by day. In most of the time food is typically processed in various ways to preserve freshness.. Various kinds preservatives or the ingredients are added in the food so that it looks like fresh or tempting. Now most of the food is preserved with the chemicals which cause the food decomposition. This decomposition leads to various diseases which results that the consumer wants healthy food.  One solution for this is to maintain suitable environmental conditions. There are different parameters on which food decomposition depends; the rate at which food decomposes relies on a number of elements, including temperature, bacteria, and humidity. The people all over the world want organic food for healthy lifestyle. So to avoid the problems associated with the food without human interpretation we need a device which helps to determine the quality of food.So, in order to satisfy this consumer desire, we developed a tool that determines whether food is of good or poor quality. This project represents the use of various sensors in the field of the food industry. The sensors like gas sensor, temperature sensor help in identifying the condition of food. This system has a strong presence in homes, small businesses, and eateries.

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