Biometric Authentication for Cloud Services

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Mr. Md. Ilias, K. Santosh Kumar, K. Nandini, Md. Arief, M. Rishikesh, K. Kavya


as we manage our data, there is a growing need for remote information storage and computing solutions, which raises the need for services that provide secure access to data. In this paper, we suggest a brand-new biometric authentication system that offers safe access to a remote server. We treat the user's biometric information as a secret recommendation in the suggested method. We then obtain a distinct identity from the customer's biometric data, which is used to construct the individual's personal trick. Along with that, we offer a solid method for creating a session key between two connected events using two biometric templates for secure messaging. In other words, the user's private information does not need to be saved anywhere, and the session secret is created without revealing earlier information. The suggested method holds up against numerous known attacks against (easy/ energetic) opponents, according to a thorough Real-Or-Random (ROR) version based on official safety analysis, informal (non-mathematical) safety and security analysis, and official safety confirmation using the widely used AVISPA (Automated Recognition of Net Safety Method and Applications) tool. Finally, numerous trials and comparative research have demonstrated the efficacy and efficiency of the proposed strategy.

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