AI Voice Coach and Emergency Modules for Smartwatch Framework

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Dr. S. Muthukumar, Seshadri N., Yashwanth B., Srivanth Ganesh


The present global scenario is witnessing a tremendous growth, in developing more effective devices and strategies in promoting healthcare and fitness. Smart watches have come to occupy a significant place as health monitoring devices. Against this backdrop, the present paper goes into dwell two primary objectives namely., 1.To develop an AI voice coach module to function as a virtual tutor, and 2.To design and put in place an emergency module to address a situation where the individual gets into critical levels during workouts. The purpose of this module is to trigger a SOS to an emergency contact in such situations. Appropriate algorithms have been used to install both the modules. The efficacy of the modules were put to test and found to be effective. The real-time testing and authentication with empirical data had lent added credence to the findings. The inclusion of these applications in the smart watch technology would constitute landmark value additions.

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