A Heuristic Approach Using Intelligent Transportation System for the Detection of Vehicles for Effectively Road Traffic Management

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Ravindra Honaji Borhade, Dr. Manohar Santosh Chaudhari


Research explored VDC (vehicle detections) and compared the current classifier to new design classifiers like RTM (real-time traffic flow monitoring). It has considerable financial value, but it is also an important tool for maintaining public safety. In view of the current situation, where the accuracy of existing traffic flow statistics algorithms is poor and it is easy to generate false detections, a multi-lane traffic flow statistics algorithm based on a novel design classifier is proposed.Our suggested framework includes input data type, vehicle type, scale, scope, dynamicity, vehicle detection method, vehicle classification method, application, and assessment method. Following that, we use the offered framework to investigate the history of VDC approaches and highlight several open challenges that have evolved in the field. This article is intended to serve as a guide for researchers who want to utilize or build dependable VDC systems that satisfy their needs.

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