Fitness Function for Enhanced Node Mobility Calculation

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Dr. S. Vinod Kumar, M. Dhanamalar, B. Ayshwarya,


MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) are built up of MNs (mobile nodes) that build transitory networks and do not require infrastructures or centralized managements. One of the biggest limitations of MANETs are in the area of energy as MNs lack permanent power supplies and rely on batteries resulting in limited network lifetimes as batteries quickly drain their resources when MNs move or change positions quickly MANETs.

To improve the related MNs, they are selected for routing by employing discovery algorithm, the proposed Enhanced Protocol using NMCs (Node Mobility Calculations), the NMCs AOMDV is proposed. It is created and utilized to locate MNs with comparable properties for communication and energy-saving power efficiency. It connects the source and destination MNs in the most energy-efficient way possible. It increases the lifetime of a network while cutting energy usage. An Enhanced NMCs AOMDV performs better in terms of power savings. When compared to previous MANET algorithms, efficiency extends network lifetime and reduces energy usage.

The proposed procedure centered on selecting an energy-efficient Fitness Function (FF) via the proposed NMCs  AOMDV. The simulation tool is used to evaluate the proposed work. The results acquired for the Energy Efficient Power (EEP) achieve improvement in energy dissipation, the ratio of residual energy of the MN and hope counts as a new metric to pick the route path in NMCs AOMDV Fitness Function.

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