Expert Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Start-Up Unicorns

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Dr. Abdul Rasool MD, Soban Al Haque, Obaid Khan, Mohammed Muneebuddin Haqqani, MohdNaseemuddin


Human decision-making will soon be surpassed by artificial intelligence, which is now a hot issue in research. There is still a disagreement as to whether humans or machines are better at complicated and creative tasks like innovation. [2] A machine's failures can be divided into two categories: processing and interpreting "soft" data (information which can be quantified) and predicting the future in situations of "unknowable risk" (severe uncertainty). When this occurs, the computer lacks representative data for a specific outcome. There is still a need for humans to use their intuition to analyse "soft" information. [5] Thus, we use a Hybrid Intelligence approach to combine the complimentary qualities of humans and robots in ability to predict the future of businesses. To achieve this goal, we adopt a design science research methodology to construct a Mixed Intelligent program that uses the strengths of both computer and intellectual capacity to illustrate its applicability for predictions under severe uncertainty.

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