Using Twitter to Predict Personality

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MD Asma, Basharath Khan , Mohd Azam Hussain , Mohd Qasimuddin , Mohammed Muqeemuddin Wajid


Social media provides a place where people exhibit them self to the world, providing intimate facts and insights about their life. We are begun to comprehend how some of this data may be exploited to enhance users' interactions with interfaces and with each other. We are interested in the characteristics of users in this study. Personality has been found to be significant to a variety of interactions, including job happiness, professional and romantic relationship success, and interface preference. Until now, users needed to take a personality assessment to accurately assess their personalities. [2] This rendered application of psychological across many social media venues impractical. In this research, we offer a method for accurately predicting the personality of a Twitter user based on their public profile information. We will present the acquired data, our analytical techniques, as well as the machine learning approaches that permit us to accurately predict personality. The ramifications for social networking development, interface design, and other disciplines are then discussed [4].


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