Detecting Corona Syndrome Using Deep Learning Algorithms

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Anil Kumar G , Ashwini. G , Narendar Singh. D , Nagaswetha.G , Pavitra.B


Viral pandemics are a serious threat. Corona virus causes respiratory illness in people -Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) corona virus and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) corona virus. As of 2nd December, there is a total of 6,38,39,023 cases with 14,80,001 deaths in more than 210 countries across the world. (Source: Bing COVID-19 tracker). By manual testing, the genuine situation can be understood and appropriate decisions can be taken. However, there are drawbacks of manual checking out which include sparse availability of testing kits, costly and inefficient blood tests, extra time consuming; a blood test takes around 5–6 hours to generate the  result.This work for the most part acquaints a down to earth approach with assistance surgeons helping us in the battle against novel Covid. In this way, the thought is to overcome these issues utilizing the Deep Learning method for better and effective treatment. We can utilize Convolutional Neural Network to produce the outcomes. This methodology is additional efficient, more affordable and simple to work.


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