〖convex〗_IVIFSets in Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Vector Spaces

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R. Santhi, N. Udhayarani


The aim of this research work is to introduce the new concept of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy topological vector space(in brief IVIF-topological vector space). In this paper, the concept of IVIF-vector point, IVIF-Quasicoincidence were defined. In further, the relationship between IVIF-NQCneighbourhood, IVIF-QCneighbourhood and its bases in IVIF-topological vector space discussed. Also introduced the concept of set, Strongly  set and Strictly  set, in IVIF-topological vector spaces. Then it continued to the discussion about the properties and the relationship between these  sets.

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