Analysis on Essential Challenges and Attacks on MANET Security Appraisal

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Dr. N. Sivapriya, Dr. R. Mohandas


One of the most important next-generation wireless network technologies is Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). All of the mobile nodes in the MANET are self-configurable routers that allow data to transit around the network using multi-hop network routes. An important networking class, MANETs differ from traditional systems in a fundamental way. Although MANETs are being popularly employed in commercial as well as academic fields, these were primarily designed for deployment in areas like military battlefields, emergency rescue and search operations, and other challenging or hostile environments. Intruders can take advantage of the MANET's scattered and wireless design to decrease its capabilities. Because most MANET routing protocols are built under the assumption that there isn't a hostile intruder in the network, they are vulnerable to a variety of attacks at various tiers. As a result, it is critical to identify these dangers and devise strategies for countering them. Various security attributes, problems, attacks, and solutions for resisting attacks on numerous tiers are examined in this study.

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