A Review On: Secure Live Video Streaming and Network Slicing

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Shikha , Dr. Randeep Singh , Ravinder Singh Madhan


Multi-networking platforms can all use the same physical infrastructure called "network slicing". It is a logical representation of the connections between the network devices and the back-end applications. Slicing and virtualizing 5G networks and their functions is discussed in the present study. Researchers also explore 5G network slicing technologies including SDN, NFV, fog computing, and Virtual machines. In the 5th Generation (5G) of mobile communication networks, it was discovered that network slicing is connected to the creation and maintenance of an independent logical network on a common physical platform With the advent of 5G, new technologies like network slicing will make it possible for various parts of the network to share resources. Smart, critical, and multiservice with diverse requirements can be delivered through the network as an infrastructure and then into the network as a set of services using this technology. Despite its advantages, there are a number of security concerns stemming from resource sharing and isolation among services. Slices delivering customized services with various requirements may also have varying security levels and rules, which makes security a major issue for network slicing. Consider the influence of these security challenges on network slices when establishing or designing security protocols. In order to safeguard the privacy and security of our users while also delivering the performance and quality our customers expect, we must address these issues. Network slicing architecture, taxonomy, difficulties, security issues and threats classification are only a few of the topics that have been addressed in the available literature. With SDN, network behavior may be dynamically initialized, controlled, changed, and managed via open interfaces. SDN is a new approach to network programmability. It is possible to overcome the restrictions of the old Internet architecture and provide services such as inter-domain network layer multicast for live video streaming thanks to the rise of SDN technology.

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