A Precise Study on Analyzation of FM/FD/1 imprecise queuing model under various fuzzy numbers: Execution Proportions by Pascal’s triangular graded mean technique

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N. Rajeswari, W. Ritha


We propose an FM/FD/1 imprecise queuing model with an indefinite limit under various fuzzy numbers, Arrival (landing) and service (administration) rates are assumed to be different types of fuzzy numbers. To convert fuzzy arrival and service times into a crisp value of using Pascal’s triangular graded mean for various fuzzy numbers. By applying this technique, here we determine the execution proportions. Using the typical queuing hypothesis, the major goal is to evacuate ambiguity before the exhibiting parameters are processed. The numerical examples are shown to demonstrate the methodology’s validity in reality. A comparative illustration corresponding to each fuzzy number is accomplished. Finally, the miniature variables were exposed to sensitivity analysis.

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